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eastern avenue at bladensburg road shut down. police say they are also hearing reports of basement flooding and homes without water. crews are working to fix a 16- inch water main in that area. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get more information into the fox 5 newsroom. >>> right now, tony is back with another check on our weather. everybody is back at school today. i think folks in virginia too. >> they went back yesterday and so today, we'll see another morning where it is okay. the conditions to head to school are okay. more clouds this morning. some of you out to the west may encount are a few showers here or there. at reagan national, the current temperature is 75 degrees. relative humidity is 66%. that is not bad. wind are out of the south. this is showing out cloud cover that comes through and than some of those showers. now, this overplays it a little bit. there are showers out to the west. they are not as numerous or impressive as this is showing. but it is showing some moisture associated with the frontal system that is coming through. so can't rule out a sprinkl
businesses in the district's ward 5, capital city, diner on bladensburg road northeast, is now at the center of a brewing political scandal, captured for all to see by the restaurant's surveillance camera. these are images of kathy henderson, running as an independent for city council, removing her opponent's campaign signs from in front of the diner. >> politics has no place for that. here is a business owner that has supported me because he thinks i've done good work and for someone to come down and that is how she has been, trying to intimidate someone into the way she thinks it should be. >> reporter: ms. henderson she did this after a conversation with the diner's owner. >> we talked about the signs an he asked me to remove the signs and he said he put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> reporter: capital city diner is closed on mondays. i spoke with its owner by telephone. >> i just think it's crazy. i knew politics were nuts but i didn't know this t. was this crazy. >> reporter: ashburn says he is a big time supporter of thomas an never asked henderson to remove anything
of the newer small businesses in the district's ward 5 capital city diner on bladensburg road northeast is now at the center of a brewing political scandal captured for all to see by the restaurant's surveillance camera. these are images of kerry henderson running as an independent -- kathy henderson running as an independent for city council removing her opponent's campaign signs from in front of the diner. >> politics has no place for that. here is a business owner that has supported me because he thinks i've done good work and for someone to come down and that's kind of how she has been, tried to intimidate someone into the way she thinks it should be. >> reporter: ms. henderson says she did this after a conversation with the diner's owner. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the signs and he said he initially put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> reporter: capital city diner is closed on mondays. i spoke with its owner, matt ashburn, by telephone. >> i just think it's crazy. i knew d.c. politics were nuts, but i didn't know it was this crazy. >> reporter:
island avenue and bladensburg road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> sunset last night marked the beginning of the jewish new year, rosh hashana. the holiday calls for 10 days of soul searching when jewish people reflect on the past year and plan their chairchgs -- changes for the coming year. >>> this is a look at just some of what we're working on for later today. coming up in our next hour, unique insight into the mayor's race from one of the city's best known writers, colby king sat down with our shawn yancy. >>> more on the d.c. mayor's race at 7:00. fenty and ray have picked up endorsements p representative two different newspapers will join us to talk about it. >>> more on the president's economic plan. it includes business tax breaks. will it work? a professor of finance at georgia mason university will be joining us. >>> next, people caught texting while she should be focusing on their jobs and it could be putting you at risk. a fox 5 investigation coming up. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refres
for drivers and these drivers, the taillights here are stacking up around bladensburg road. go to the maps and show you the water main break that takes away two lanes. this is eastbound silver hill road where it meets silver park drive. moving along, we move it outside and show you the outer loop. things are filling out between university and georgia. the delay is on the way. and finally virginia we wrap with you. 66 no incidents or accidents just a little more congestion building between 50 and nutley. now, over to andrea? >> thank you. >>> the major story is campaign 2010 and the fallout from a big primary election. here's a quick rundown of what you need to know. vincent gray will be the district's next mayor. he beat mayor fenty. in prince georges county baker is declaring victory in the county executive race but no official reports result. and nationwide, at least two key wince for the conservative tea party movement. again the top headline is a shake-up in the district. vincent gray rode a wave of discontent of victory in the democratic primary. with 90% of the precincts counted, gra
bladensburg road. on the outer loop, switch the shot over from university to georgia. you are slow. on 88 -- 66, the delay is growing between route 50 and 23 and slowing down approaching the capital beltway. end with 95 northbound in virginia. it is one solid, steady slow ride from lorton to backlick and going southbound, we were hoping the accident at backlick would have cleared by now but it is still there taking away alet lane. >>> at the top of the hour it is all the about hurricane earl. as howard told us the storm is moving by the outer banks. this is what it looks like in atlantic beach, north carolina. a lot of towns were evacuated ahead of the storm. the delmarva is bracing for a brush with earl later this afternoon. how are things looking right now? >> well, we somewhere are just starting to feel the tropical afcs. the wind has picked up. close to gale gale force. an the winds off the ocean has a tropical feel. so we know something is close but as howard reported really primetime for earl on the delmarva peninsula is yet to come. probably in the mid to late morning. although off
are below speed from the washington times building toward bladensburg road. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama travels to cleveland to lay out his latest economic plan. it involves $180 billion in spending and business tax cuts. mr. obama will argue against extending president bush's income tax peak for the wealthy. today b.p. releases its findings in to the deep water horizon oil spill. the internal investigation was done by b.p.'s safety and operations division. the explosion killed 11 people and spilled 5 million-barrels of oil. >>> today virginia governor bob mcdonnell unveils a new tax plan. it would add a charge to alcoholic drinks at bars an restaurants. it is part of his plan to sell off the state-run abc stores. >>> a ruling on holiday displays at government buildings in loudoun county. we have the latest on the story we have been tracking since last november. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. by the end of the day we should, keep your fingers crossed, we should know whether or not religious ho
a few drivers out here on inbound new york avenue past bladensburg road. back to you. >>> we have a commuter alert for riders who take the red line to work. metro's tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont are scheduled to reopen in 30 minutes. the stations were shut down during the holiday weekend so workers could replace track, rail switches and new tunnel safety lights. new heater tape was also installed to help rail conditions during the winter. >>> it's back to work this morning for discovery channel employees nearly a week after a deadly standoff. last wednesday, police say james lee walked in to the silver spring building and fired as by toll sparking the lockdown. he took three people hostage including the building's security guard. s.w.a.t. team members eventually moved in and shot lee to death after he threatened the hostages. the building has been closed since then. >>> today marks the beginning of the school year for most students in virginia including alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties. fairfax county is the largest sch
the times building to bladensburg road. now, over to andrea. >>> right now police are the district and prince georges county are searching for a carjacking suspect who fired at police. just after 3:00 this morning, prince georges county officers responded to a report of a car jacking in the 4700 block of silver hail road. police quickly located two suspects who they chased in to southeast dc. the suspects opened fire on police who fired back. one suspect was arrested. the second is on the loose. >>> more than a dozen people in manassas, virginia are living in temporary shelters after a fast-moving fire burned homes. amazingly no one was hurt. brittany morehouse has more on the fire and its emotional impact. >> it burned one house to ground level, ripped through two more next door and was on its way to destroying eight more houses. >> they saved us. >> her house was in direct line of firefighters ' powerful water blast. >> my mom was in the house and she said she heard a loud noise and so she gathered herself and my nieces and went outside and couldn't see anything but black. >> rep
. near 80 on sunday. >>> eastern avenue is closed between rhode island and bladensburg road. there has been a water main break. water main repair in riverdale under 295 for several days. they will come back to do more repairs. traffic getting by 410 for now. cableway and make sure traffic gets worse. delays out of dale city to get to a crash on rte. 1. we will take you live to newschopper 7. they are flying over the beltway at georgia avenue. plenty of traffic. there was a stalled car on an exit ramp that is now gone. >> thank you. >>> do not forget about your next chance to win a trip to new york. all week long, watch "live with regis and kelly" and look for the key word of the day. then log onto and type it in. get all five key words for five chances to win. rules are on our website, >> is there a specific height that the heels have to be? there could be an advantage. >> exactly. we will get to the bottom of that. >> right now, 71 degrees outside. >> coming up, a time to budget more for your morning coffee. prices have jumped to the highest rates in more than a decad
volume is building between times building and this spot at bladensburg road. and 2670 southbound looks like you are filling outwon germantown road to falls factor in extra five minutes, and that delay is growing. back to you. our time is 6:18. >>> today christian, jewish and muslim leaders will meet in washington to hold an emergency spore face meeting. it wants to tackle what is called the growing religious fear. and they address the plans of a church in gainesville, florida. it is planning burn a koran day on saturday. that would be the ninth anniversary of this september 11 september 11th attacks. the pastor wants to burn the holly muslim book to draw attention to radical islam. among the outspoken critics, leaders of our troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> we are not debating the first amendment rights that people have. but their actions will jeopardize the safety of the young men and women who are serving in uniform over here. >> if people should lose their life that would be tragic. still i must say that we feel that we must sooner or later stand up to islam. and if we don't, it's
but drivers are using the brakes between the times building to bladensburg road. in the district, a reminder to watch for flooding spots and approach intersections slow. let's take it to virginia's 395, crawling early from the beltway over to seminary. plus ten minutes for that and good news. we wrap it up with 95 southbound at 123. the accident is clear, but you are stop and go heading northbound making your way from the prince william parkway to newington. andrea, over to you. >>> today is the last day for some tax laws in our area to come clean without penalty. that story is coming up. >>> plus, an investigation in to despicable charges leveled against employees at a local nursing home. the time is 5:52. 69 very wet degrees. we'll be right back. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to c
bladensburg road. a check on route 4, route 5 and crane highway reveals no incidents. a little more congestion is building. just typical volume at this time. andrea back to you. >>> there is good news about the doctor shot inside john hopkins last thursday. dr. david cohen continues to improve from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. cohen is in fair condition. authorities say paul warren pardus shot the doctor then went into his mother's room and killed her before committing suicide. >>> officials at hopkins say their security procedures were in place at the time of last thursday's stand off. the violation in hospitals is on the rise. >> reporter: centered on busy georgia avenue, howard university hospital gets a lot of foot traffic. you wouldn't find metal detectors at the doors. instead, a special officer with hospital's protective services keeping a watchful eye. >> even if it's a concealed weapon, they will stop and detain you. >> reporter: brenda hodges is the brains behind the new more welcoming look. the hospital was guarded by uniformed officers wearing bulletproof vests and guns. now the
building past this point at bladensburg road. okay approaching florida avenue. 95, you are delayed between duke over to seminary. expect these bumpers to start to stack up shortly and one big delay we are tracking that comes before this on 95 northbound, just dragging along between the prince william parkway and lorton and then in the express lanes the hov lanes at lorton is where we have crash activity and drivers start to back up at 123. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> let's check on how things are in leesburg, virginia. kristin fisher is live tracking our storm alert. some are seeing rain, others reason. what are you seeing, kristin? >> we are seeing more rain now. it has been stop and start throughout the morning. when i first saw you at 5:00 there was pouring rain and then 5:30 no rain. and now we are in between. if you look at the street light you can see how much rain we are getting right now. nothing too crazy whatsoever but certainly enough to have some sort of an impact on the morning commute if you are heading in to the washington, d.c. area from loudoun
set in around the washington times building past this point at bladensburg road. look at virginia 395 northbound. we are tracking a small delay between duke and seminary. back to you. >>> some parts of our area are dealing with another round of rain this morning, and you know a soggy commute can be a long ride in to work. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live in leesburg with a look at conditions there. you were being rained on before. is it still raining? >> it is still raining. we were getting jumped on the last time we saw you a half hour ago but right now not too bad. i can at least stand out here without an umbrella. if you look at this street light you can see it is coming down at a pretty good rate. enough that it is probably going to cause some issues for drivers as they make their way in to work this morning. but, you know, for a lot of people this is actually a welcome sight. the weather channel actually just named this day, washington, d.c. the title of the worst summer weather in the entire country. and a lot of it had to do with the fact that we didn't get a lot of r
behind the camera of bladensburg road with one lane closed off. minimal delays there. and we have some other roadwork to talk about including kennelworth avenue and i-95. >> thank you, jerry. >>> there are different stories emerging abo the events that led a d.c. police officer to shoot and kill a dog in adams morgan over the weekend. police say the dog bit two people, while several eywitnesses say the dogwas calm and didn't bite anyone. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from the newsroom with more on a story that's capturing the attention of an entire community. >> reporter: this incident remains under investigation. was the dog o a leash? was it aggressive? what we know for sure is that the dog is killed. police tape around a crime scene, d such a festive event as adams morgan day. but a kdisturbingncident occurred sunday afternoon. a dog d been shot. >> i heard some dogs barking and some people screaming. i came out and he was running inside, his handle was bleeding and i saw one cop holding a pit bull. >> reporter: that dog was parrot, a 2-year-old pit bull mix. eyewitness accoun
to report leaving bladensburg road headed out towards the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> looks like missouri knows how to go in style. a rest room at a diner in st. louis has been named the nation's best bathroom. >> it beat out bathrooms and mandalay bay. it is the second year that the bathroom in missouri has response won the contest. >>> call day texas two-step. the redskins looking to win against two teams in texas. >> dave ross will be up with sports. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. ♪ ♪ ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ ♪ you always make me smile ♪ ♪ don't know why i love you ♪ [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed
at bladensburg road an wrap it up with 395. looks like a delay from the beltway to seminary and then using the brakes again approaching the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. back to andrea. >>> the time is 6:18. sports is next when the news cons. the nats and braves take to the field. we will have highlights and plus a look ahead at the redskins game against the tex for -- texans. ♪ hey, look, it's grandma! oh, she's early. no...on the counter. [ female announcer ] art projects in the kitchen? bring it. i think you forgot her glasses. [ both giggling ] [ doorbell rings ] [ female announcer ] trust new bounty. the bounty with a little extra softness. in this lab test, new bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. and it's really durable. so all that's left behind are the smiles. new bounty extra soft. and try bounty napkins. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. winning is my but we lost today. ♪ no, we didn't. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ o
but volume and congestion past this point a bladensburg road. over to you. >>> our time is 6:17. >>> you're safer today on metro than the day of the deadly red line crash. that's the finding 0 the ntsb. the chairwoman says het metro took the ntsb's safety advice to heart. >> i believe the metro board was very willing to listen to the safety board after our report was concluded and they have taken many of those lessons to heart and have beginning to make improvements that are long overdue. >> reporter: the june crash was blamed on a failure in the track circuits, among other things. the crash killed nine people and injured dozens more. >>> redskins fans, the redskins are holding a blood drive at the holiday inn at 550 c street in southwest. all donors will get one tick to an upcoming redskins game. you need to make an appoint in time to check out the page on find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. >>> got a story or news tip? we want to heary you. contact us and be part of the team. >>> it is 6:19. >>>
over to bladensburg road and you can get your personalized traffic report by connecting with me on facebook or twitter. meanwhile i'm going to stop on over by the web center where andrea roane is working on something good. >> we're working on making your life easier with traffic reports. it's car-free day today. that would do it. it's a day your encouragedded to ditch the four wheels for a bike, public transit or go for a walk and there's resources on the web to check out. check out this. let's start a it's the home page for the day. you can take the car free pledge saying you'll reduce or eliminate using your car today. so far 6500 people have signed up. >>> to next one, it is consumerpage -- it's early. which shows you the cost of driving versus transit. you type in how long your commute is, how much parking costs and how much you spend on gas. of course, this doesn't take into account how close you live to a bus station or how much you might save by driving. finally we go to home to the washington area bicyclists association.
is a little slow from the times building to bladensburg road. drivers here are just stop at a light -- just stopped at a light. >>> some shoppers got more than everyday items at one store on wednesday. the target at the mall in prince georges took part in national preparedness month. special disaster kits were handed out and emergency officials were on hand to emphasize the importance of having key supplies on hand in the even of a crisis. >> there will be some periods of time and major disasters will where it they be hours or days before professionals can respond to help folks. thats why we have to remind people be prepared to take care of yourself and your neighbors and your family. >> reporter: police officers and red cross volunteers offered customers advice on how to best prepare for a disaster. the hyattsville store is one of six targets nationwide to partner with the program. >>> big name celebrities take roles on the biggest tv shows. details coming up in entertainment news. >>> and a cost of building a new home that is green on the inside. >>> we love our smart phones and load them
, this is at bladensburg road, a great example of that incident-free commute through the district right now. andrea, back to you. >>> police in fairfax county are on the hunt for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop. it happened early yesterday morning at the intersection of la vista drive and franconia road. kristin fisher is live there with the latest on this investigation. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, you know this all happened almost exactly 24 hours ago. so you can really see how dark and how empty it was right around this bus stop where that 23-year-old woman was attacked. 4:30 wednesday morning, a 23- year-old woman was waiting at a bus stop when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. shortly after the victim was found bay jogger who flagged down an officer. police say the 23-year-old fought back. she was taken to a local hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. now the search is on for the suspect. the victim wasn't able to get a good i.d. while she was fighting him off but police describe him as a heavy set male between 25 a
bladensburg road. moving well from the washington times building and 395 northbound is how we will wrap it up. below speed from duke to seminary. now, over to andrea. >>> pastor terry jones says he is planning to meet with the iman in new york about plans to build a mosque near ground zero. he called off plans to burn copies of the consider ran on 9/11 but the announcement is causing confusion. lendcy mastis joining us with the latest. >> everyone is wondering whether terry jones will resume his plans to burn copies of the koran. it is because of what maybe a misunderstanding between him and an i man in florida. >> they stood together as terry jones made his announcement an then he said this. >> the iman has agreed to move the mosque. >> later he clarified and says jones stretched his words. >> no. i don't have a promise. i did not speak to the mom directly. >> jones says he was promised with the iman in new york and that has not been confirmed. >> i was lied to. >> jones did receive a call from secretary of defense robert gates. u.s. leaders are concerned if jones resumes the plan and there
the douglas bridge and the freeway. no trouble spots to report inbound new york avenue and to bladensburg road and the third street tunnel, expect traffic on 50 to be jammed up out of riverdale to cheverly. that is a check in of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> the latest weather and traffic updates any time and links for more information about our ask app for your blackberry and droid phone g to >>> a massive fire south of san francisco, california, being blamed on a possible gas line explosion. the utility company said the high pressure gas line blew after 6:00 p.m. yesterday sparking the fire that so far killed one person and burned more than a dozen homes and forced more than three residents to evacuate. the witnesses say they heard a large explosion and saw flames everywhere. at this point, the fire is 50% contained. >>> coming up on fox 5 morning news, the planned q'uran burning protest in florida has been suspended, perhaps. we're going look closer at the impact of the controversial protest with the president of the foundation for defensive democracy coming up in our nex
for it at falls road. in to dc, inbound new york avenue is clear moving at speed past bladensburg and in virginia 95 northbound no problems to report to the mixing bowl. back to you. >>> a mechanical problem is plameed for a marc train breaking down north of the new car roll on the station. marc sent a rescue train to transport all of the passengers on board. they were heading up to baltimore. metro says the price tag for complying with federal recommendation made after the red line crash could be $935 million. the most expensive charge is the $838 million replace of the older series of rail cars in metro's fleet. metro estimates replacing tract circuit modules blamed for the crash would cost 585 million. nine people died an dozens hurt when the train crashed last june. >>> doctors say just like our bodies, the brain needs to be exercised. a study shows keeping our mind active can keep alzheimer's disease at pay. but as karen brown tells us there is a surprising twist. >> reporter: carmen cox has a good memory. >> i'm aware as you get older you lose memory an i would like to prevent it as much as
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